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Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

En español

Composer : Elfman, Danny
Retail date : 2004
Vendor : Sony Music
Total time : 47:53

  1. Spider-Man 2 Main Title *
  2. M.J.'s New Life/Spidus Interruptus
  3. Doc Ock Is Born
  4. Angry Arms/Rebuilding
  5. A Phone Call/The Wrong Kiss/Peter's Birthday
  6. The Bank/Saving May *
  7. The Mugging/Peter's Turmoil
  8. Doc Ock's Machine
  9. He's Back! *
  10. Train/Appreciation *
  11. Aunt May Packs
  12. Armageddon/A Really Big Web! *
  13. The Goblin Returns *
  14. At Long Last, Love *
  15. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
* Best themes

The Story: Peter Parker can't stand his double life. He can't keep a normal relation with the girl he has always loved. His jobs disappear in a blink every time that an event demands our friend and neighbour Spiderman. But this is gonna end, Peter Parker will be Spiderman... no more.

Antecedents: Spiderman's first movie, Darkman (that Doc Ock's lair), Superman, and Evil Dead (the surgery scene), and do not forget the "Raimi" touch in scenes to be remembered as the subway fight betweenSpiderman and Doc Ock.

Musical Precedents: Spiderman, Hellraiser II (Young has a little appearance in the score), and Darkman (in Doctor Otto Octavius' theme).

First Listening: Superb, one of the most enjoyable works from Elfman, even when his involvement, because of several causes (one of them very clear, he was working in two projects with his close friend Tim Burton), has been reduced, comparing it with the first movie.

Getting into the Facts: We found an excessive Elfman, accordant with the movie, one of the best comic-books adaptations, carried by a colossal Sam Raimi. Elfman, regardless, sees how his work is damaged on screen, because of his denial to rewrite more music for the later movie reeditings, due to his interests in accomplish as soon as possible his new collaborations with Burton. So, the music in the movie is obviously reedited, some times thanks to experts hands like Debney's (Elfman's friend) and Christopher Young's, althoug the whole score is composed by Elfman.

The themes adapted by these composers (not included in the CD) are: "Special Delivery" and "Take Girl" , by John Debney, that take place at the beginning of the movie, in the vertiginous pizza delivery, and "The Demostration" and "Runaway Train", adapted by Christopher Young, being the first one clearly resemblant to Hellraiser II.

We also count with Steve Bartek who arranges and adapts some themes from the original "Spiderman"'s score for this new sequel.

Despite of the fact of so many names, the work on screen is perfect, althoung in the isolated listening we are aware of the fact that there are some unused Elfman's themes that are really good.

The bought of the CD is compeled to every Elfmaniatic, as it is not only a better rearrangement of previous themes, listened in the first movie score (the added chorus are very convincing), but it contributes so interesting themes as those two applied to the same character, that damaged with a certain dualty, doctor Otto Octavius.

Morever, the CD contains unused music, another reason to rediscover how Elfman was to contrive those scenes at a first moment.


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