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Teletipo BSOSpirit


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Composer : Zimmer, Hans
Retail date : 2004
Vendor : Decca

  1. Thunderbirds Are Go! *
  2. International Rescue *
  3. Lady Penelope: At Your Service
  4. The Hood
  5. You Need To Grow Up
  6. Can't Wait To Be A Thunderbird
  7. Galion Electrolyte Compound
  8. TB 3 Takeoff
  9. Tracy Island
  10. Junior Mission
  11. Fafafa...No Way!
  12. Thunderize! *
  13. Lady Penelope To The Rescue
  14. Buggy Chase *
  15. Major Disaster
  16. Bank Of England
  17. F.A.B.
  18. Thunderbirds Are Go! - Performed by Busted
* Best themes

The Story: The Tracys are an unorthodox family, devoted to save the world from diverse disasters. Almost all the Tracys are attacked by a very very evil villain named The Hood. Yes, I said almost all. Remaining are the youngers in the family, to save the day. They are the Spy k... sorry, the Thunderbirds.

Antecedents: Obviously, the original TV series, but specially and visually, Spy Kids, that scored a "before and after" in the new childish movies.

Musical Precedents: Spirit, and a decaffeinated John Powell.

First Listening: A fusion of sounds between the mediaventures mythology, starting from Spirit, Spy Kids, a bit of Powell (Paycheck among others), definitively that lighter (and appeased) and less epic side from mediaventures.

Getting into the Facts: This score will not enter into history in Zimmer's career. Moreover, as soon as you listen it, you forget it. The only remarkable point is the new version of the original series main theme (composed by Barry Gray), and some other enjoyable theme like "International Rescue", "Thunderize!" or "Buggy Chase".
Really dreadful, trust me, is the track ending the CD, "Thunderbirds are go!", a very "juvenile" and "cool" remix performed by the obliged pop bunch. Better if they would have fallen through the CD's hole and then disappeared from the tracklist. In summary, another OST in Zimmer's curriculum, in his style, enjoyable, but that's all. My advise to Zimmermaniacs is that of spend their money in others things, for example, King Arthur... Although when talking about Zimmermaniacs (as any "Anything-maniac"), it is sure that soon they will have Thunderbirds in their shelves... Well, it could be worse (i.e., to have bought Pirates of the Caribbean).


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