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Interview with Thomas Pasatieri

Versión en español

BS: We can as well start with your work for Magnolia. Can you tell us a bit about how was your work with Jon?
TP: Magnolia was the first project that I worked with Jon Brion on. It was his first composition for big orchestra and his musical knowledge and musicianship are great. Jon is very easy to work with and so sensitive to orchestral colors and textures. We got alomg very well and I admire his performances as singer and one man band live at the club Largo in Los Angeles.

BS: Despite to have a big curriculum as a composer, your work for the cinema is still limited to orchestrating and conducting. How comes that you have not composed a movie score?
TP: I only do orchestrations for film rather than compose because my works are written for the concert hall and the opera house.

BS: I would like to talk about your work method. Do you orchestrate directly in paper or you are using computers?
TP: I orchestrate directly on score paper rather than on computer, then the copyists use computers to extract the parts.

BS: When you orchestrate, do you think that you leave a personal "footprint" in the work? Is it possible to talk about the "Thomas Pasatieri's orchestration style"?
TP: I have orchestrated for many film composers and I think that my personal style is evident particularly in the writing for strings.

BS: Looking back to your career as orchestrator, Thomas Newman is one of the steady guys you work with, and the list of scores you have orchestrated to him is impressive. After so many times working together, what are your feelings about work with him?
TP: I love working with Thomas Newman and consider him one of the greatest film composers of all time. He is a delight to work with and a great musician and a wonderful person as well.

BS: James Horner is the other important names on your list. From all the times you have worked together, I would dare to mention "Legends of the fall" as a key work in James' career. What can you tell us about James in general and "Legends of the fall" in particular?
TP: James Horner is also an excellent composer and I think that "Legends of the Fall" was our best collaboration, many orchestrators in Hollywood refer to the "Legends" orchestration as a textbook of style.

BS: I wouldn't like to finish without remember Alan Menken and his musical genious in "The little shop of horrors" and "The little Mermaid". Was it a good experience?
TP: Alan Menken is a great songwriter and "Little Mermaid" was the first oscar for Disney and the entire process was fun and exciting to be a part of.

Interview and translation by Rubén Sánchez

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