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Teletipo BSOSpirit

BSOSpirit's Hymn goes Symphonic

Versión en español

As many of you must remember, some time ago we launched a very special contest here in BSOSpirit . As time went by and we were growing as website and mailing list, we realized that BSOSpirit was more than that. A fellowship for movie music lovers, kind of freaks, it could be, but enthusiastic in the end, which exceeded the highest expectations the mad couple behind it could ever dream of. And this was why we proposed to everyone with a little art in his veins the composition of the Hymn that could define us as a whole.

Aritz Villodas It was in fact a very hard fought contest, there were really good pieces. But there could be only one. Our website's visitors were who finally arranged it. The winner, "BSOSpirit" , by Aritz Villodas , was elected by the majority as the piece that would become our official Hymn . These were the words used by the author himself to describe his work:

"This hymn tries to catch the BSOSpirit 's essence: a world of soundtracks. So I tried to combine several themes: epic, adventure, romantic... all merged in a remarkable fanfare, in the very classic style."

BSOSpirit's Hymn starred in the I International Conference on Movie Music "Ciudad de Úbeda" , as we could listen it during the GoldSpirit 2004 Awards Ceremony.

Pavel MalkovBut there was something still pending. It was one of the Conference guest who noticed. Russian composer Pavel Malkov , after the Conference, offered us to record the Hymn using an orchestra. BSOSpirit's Hymn , ¡symphonic!. Obviously, it was an unrejectable chance, and, quickly, we put Pavel in contact with the original author, Aritz Villodas , in order to prepare everything for the recording sessions. Finally, the Hymn was recorded in Saint Petersburg. And here you have it. Enjoy it. Our most enthusiastic acknowledgements for Pavel and his team.

Click here (2:38, 3725 KB) to download BSOSpirit's Hymn .

The following is a selection of pictures relating the recording sessions. Click on the images to obtain a larger version.

Photo Gallery

Alexey Barashkin en el mezclador
Alexey Barashkin at the mixer console.
Pavel Malkov y Alexey Barashkin en la sala de control
Pavel Malkov and Alexey Barashkin in the control room.
Discutiendo sobre el score: Alexey Barashkin, montador; Pavel Malkov, productor; y Sergei Zykov, asistente
Discussing the score: Recordist Alexey Barashkin, Producer Pavel Malkov, and Assistant Sergei Zykov.
Durante la grabación: En el mezclador, Alexey Barashkin; en el monitor, Maxim Koshevarov dirigiendo
During recording session: Alexey Barashkin at the mixer console. Conductor Maxim Koshevarov on the monitor.
9 de Noviembre de 2005: Grabando el Himno de BSOSpirit en San Petersburgo, Rusia. De izquierda a derecha: Maxim Koshevarov (director/orquestador), Alexey Swatlovsky (primer violín/cabeza de orquesta), Alexey Barashkin (grabación/mezclas), y Pavel Malkov (productor/supervisor creativo)
November 9, 2005: Recording BSOSpirit Hymn in Saint Petersburg, Russia. From left to right: Maxim Koshevarov (conductor/orchestrator), Alexey Swatlovsky (first violin/orchestra leader), Alexey Barashkin (recordist/mixer), and Pavel Malkov (producer/creative superviser).
Tras la sesión de grabación, Maxim Koshevarov, Alexey Barashkin y Pavel Malkov
After recording session, Maxim Koshevarov, Alexey Barashkin and Pavel Malkov.
Orquesta Festival de San Petersburgo
Saint Petersburg Festival Orchestra.
Orquesta: Primeros acordes
Orchestra: First reading.
Maxim Koshevarov dirigiendo en el estrado
Maxim Koshevarov at the conductor's podium.
Orquesta: Ensayo final
Orchestra: Final rehearsal.

Recording Credits

Music by Aritz Villodas
Orchestrated and Conducted by Maxim Koshevarov
Performed by Saint-Petersburg Festival Orchestra *
Orchestra Leader: Alexey Svyatlovski
Recorded and Mixed by Alexey Barashkin at Petersburg Recording Studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Producer and Creative Superviser: Pavel Malkov
Assistant: Sergei Zykov

* Basically this orchestra consists from the members of Academic Symphony Orchestra of Saint-Petersburg Philharmonic but when unofficially hired they use name Saint-Petersburg Festival Orchestra for those sessions and performances.

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