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Deep Rising

Deep Rising

Versión en español

Composer : Goldsmith, Jerry
Year : 1998
Label : Hollywood Records
Total time : 32:22

  1. Underwater Grave (02:40)
  2. Lost Communication (02:59)
  3. Collision Course (01:18)
  4. Boarding (03:49)
  5. Wet Repairs (02:29)
  6. Let's Make A Deal (06:56)
  7. Wall Of Water (03:23)
  8. Leila's Gone (02:05)
  9. E Ticket (03:39)
  10. Hang On (02:55)

With Deep Rising, Goldsmith could not sink any deeper. But given the truly outstanding nature of the film -- pay attention folks, it's an original retelling of a big killing freak eating at its victims that's remained idle for like... say, incalculable years, that only divine powers know, with a bunch of greedy and thievish morons stuck on a damn ship (and obviously trying to find a way out, that speaks for itself), that is, the bad-ass creature's nest or stay place... whatever you wanna call it ; definitely new material as you can see it by yourself! --, it sure as hell didn't deserve a better musical treatment and actually is quite entertaining... for monkeys in TimeSplitters (Brains, are you reading this?).

So what do you get as a listener? Noise, noise and more noise. Now sometimes it's true noise can be pretty inspired and appealing (Graeme Revell). But this one is rather a big outlet for mediocrity from start to end. It is even more sad and regrettable when you think of what the legendary composer was able to do with his wondrous music for The Mummy by the same director, Stephen Sommers, and this could've been another exploit of his. But, as the saying goes sporadically, 'Inspiration comes and goes', for it can't be denied that there is nothing more elusive and temporary than that.

Speaking of instrumentation, the incessant use of brass, the score's trademark, sounds increasingly noisy and cheap, which eventually ends up leaving you a vinegar taste in your mouth. However, like any other Goldsmith scores, and this is really the most engaging part, Deep Rising is filled with memorable themes, here very simple, dynamic and repetitive rhythms backed up by synthesizers but gosh... those couldn't possibly sound more cliché and are likewise extremely ineffective! Even the underscore -- though a good rival to the only redeeming element in the midst of all this unintelligible mess -- won't blow you, as it doesn't even come close to being exciting, nor does it stimulate any rousing feelings. Meaning that someone who always likes a challenge or wants their music to be something new, stay away from this (un)original soundtrack. Besides, the poor mixing doesn't do it any favours.

Like the flick itself, the music pongs ; you know... birds of a feather flock together. You, knowing this, skip this joke of a score and, instead, go and get another action score from the Maestro, such as The 13th Warrior, Total Recall or The Edge. Strictly for Goldsmith completists having nocturnal wet dreams or dark phantasms about their favorite composer.

The Best: Underwater Grave, Wall Of Water (and this is being nice).

The Worst: good question, all?


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