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Selected Music from Three New Films Releasing 2005 (Promo)

Selected Music from Three New Films Releasing 2005 (Promo)

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Composer : Frizzell, John
Year : 2005
Vendor : ---


    The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio:
  1. Main Title
  2. Shrimp Cocktail
  3. The Affadaises
  4. Evelyn Falls
  5. The Desk
  6. Moved the Meeting
  7. Forgive Him
  8. Feet First
    Mrs. Harris:
  9. Jean´s Speech
  10. Chopin Prelude # 4 *
  11. Bach Prelude #1 *
    The Woods:
  12. Left at School
  13. Sheriff Arrives
  14. Drinking Milk
  15. Leaving the Hospital
* Arranged by John Frizzell

During the I International Congress on Film Music that was held in Ubeda from the 22th to the 24th of July, we had the privilege to enjoy John Frizzell's (an American composer that is known by film music fans for his music for such films as Alien Resurrection, Dante's Peak and Gods and Generals) three of his newest compositions, on which he has been working for the last months. During the lecture he gave there on his composing techniques, upcoming projects and how his career has developed throughout the years (he also told us how grateful he was to James Newton Howard for his support from the very beginning), we could enjoy some excerpts from such new compositions.

Now I would like to give my impressions on a promo in which we can find some of the best musical moments from Frizell's The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (a film starring Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern, directed by Jane Anderson and co-produced by Robert Zemeckis and Steve Starkey, which is to be released in American theatres on the 27th September), Mrs. Harris (a film starring Annette Bening and Sir Ben Kingsley, directed by Phyllis Nagy and produced by HBO, which will be released sometime in 2005) and The Woods (a film starring Patricia Clarkson and Agnes Bruckner, directed by Lucky McKee and co-produced by Sean and Bryan Furst, which will be released on the 9th September).

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

ExcellentFrizzell's work for The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio combines quite a considerable variety of different styles, but this does not prevent his music from adapting so well to the historical context on which the story is set, that is, the years before the Vietnam War in the United States. This sensitive and subtle music does also include a wide range of emotions and moods, from happiness to melancholy and nostalgia for the past. One of the highlights of the score is its marvelous "Main Title", introduced by the delicate notes of a piano. Classical guitar and violin are added next in the final wondrous rendition of the main theme. "Shrimp Cocktail" adds a feeling of melancholy and longing. We find next a touching homage to Django Reindhart in "The Affadaises", for violin and guitars and, above all, the rhythmical "Moved the Meeting". There's also a place for fascinating piano atmospheres in the track "Evelyn Falls", as well as splendid renditions on violin of the main theme in "The Desk". Two of the most outstanding moments in the whole score are to be found in the tracks "Forgive Him" and "Feet First", including a subtle crescendo for guitar, piano and violin, to which the sounds of a full orchestra are added next, filling our hearts with delight and love. Thank you very much for these moments, Mr. Frizzell. Bravo!

Mrs. Harris

Very goodThe composer of this HBO production opts this time for intimacy, drawing much inspiration from Chopin and Bach. "Jean's Speech" includes a subtle ostinato for piano to illustrate the innermost feelings and internal conflicts of the character played by Annette Bening. This motif builds gradually in a gorgeous crescendo that culminates in the most vital rendition of the main theme. John Frizzell is also responsible for the arrangements of Chopin's "Prelude #4" and Bach's "Prelude #1". In the first one, he opts for using an evoking and lyrical sax as the main voice, in the tradition of the noir genre. In the second, Frizzell resorts to modern and creative orchestrations, pizzicatos for cello and the vibrant additions of drums and bass. In short, Frizzell proves with these original versions that all kinds of music can be properly adapted to almost any context and story without losing its essence.

The Woods

GoodThis work marks his return to one of the genres he's been most involved in during the last years, that is, thriller and horror. The music included in this selection opts for creating oppressive atmospheres, even though there's also a place for beautiful melodies. "Sheriff Arrives" is a stunning track for violins and cellos, with some delicate celesta additions in the background. In "Left at School" it is the piano that sets the pace, very much like in "Drinking Milk", this time in a more intimate and implicit way, though. The music turns atonal in "Leaving the Hospital", thus illustrating the sense of oppression and claustrophobia to be felt in the all-girls private school where the story takes place, a school surrounded by... "The Woods".

The Best: Without any doubt, "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio", one of the most touching scores in quite a long time. The arrangements for Chopin and Bach's preludes in "Mrs. Harris".

The Worst: The lack of more music works like "The Prize Winner ...". The most atonal moments in "The Woods".

Highlights: "Main Title", "Forgive him", and "Feet first", from "The Prize Winner...".

Asier G. Senarriaga
Translation by Luis Fernando Rodriguez Romero

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