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Cop Wars

Cop Wars (Ментовские войны)

Versión en español

Composers: Malkov, Pavel & Koshevarov, Maxim
Year: 2006
Label: Promo
Length: 38:30

Very good

Cop Wars (2005-2006)

  1. Cop Wars - Main Theme (1:45)
  2. *
  3. Barge Assault (1:09) **
  4. The Great Truck Robbery (3:03) *
  5. Love Theme (2:16) **
  6. On the Roofs of St. Petersburg (3:05) ***
  7. Rare Moment of Tenderness (1:20) *
  8. The Chase and The Train (4:00) *
  9. Railway Station Finale (2:52) **
Old Cases (2006)
  1. Main Theme (2:03) *
  2. Lost Wife (1:10) *
  3. Buried Secrets (1:46) *
Other's Duty (2005)
  1. The Chase and Finale (2:20) *
  2. Prologue (The Dream Sequence) (2:10) *
Like in an Old Crime Story (2004)
  1. Opening (1:36) *
  2. Amateur Detectives (1:23) *
  3. Finale (1:44) *
Schedule of Destinies (2006)
  1. Main Title (0:50) **
  2. Armenian Duduk (1:30) **
  3. End Credits (2:15) **
* Composed by Pavel Malkov
** Composed by Maxim Koshevarov
*** Composed by Pavel Malkov/Maxim Koshevarov

Among other many surprises, the I International Film Music Conference of Úbeda offered us a very particular one, the opportunity of meeting two composers from such a distant place as Russia. Pavel Malkov and Maxim Koshevarov are friends and resident in Saint Petersburg, and in addition two promising and surprisingly young composers with a successful career on their backs, in spite of his relatively little experience. Actually, they were the ones who, after knowing of the Conference, put themselves in contact with the Organizers in order to attend, although finally, and after saving some impediments with the visa (to travel to Spain from East Europe is not indeed simple), only Pavel could attend the first year, due to Maxim's last minute agenda schedules.

I Congreso Internacional de Música de Cine - Ciudad de Úbeda (promo CD)Luckyly, it was no obstacle for the Conference attendants to get a good sample of the work of both authors, included in the double promotional CD gift. Between their tracks, the most remarkable ones were the pieces belonging to Russian TV series “Cop Wars”, where not only both Pavel and Maxim work as composers, Pavel himself directs the series. Actually, the series are a hit in their country, the first season has just been released on DVD, and the second season on TV. So, it is not totally improbable that it ends up arriving to Spain. That's a huge success, mainly for those like I, whose experience and knowledge of the European police series are reduced to “Kommissar Rex”.

And thus, the first Congress ended with, among other many pleasing experiences, the beginning of a new friendship and the commitment to keep in contact in the future. Months later, Pavel Malkov and Maxim Koshevarov write us back to tell us about their new projects, that included the recording of a CD containing part of their works, and in addition, as acknowledgement, the arrangement and recording of the BSOSpirit's Hymn, composed by Aritz Villodas, thus entering inadvertently in the hall of fame of this our page. You have more information about the process here.

II Congreso Internacional de Música de Cine - Ciudad de Úbeda (promo DVD)As the Conference Second Edition was approaching, Pavel and Maxim showed their interest in returning to Úbeda (well, it will be Maxim's first time, actually). It was a wonderful opportunity to meet again, to thank personally for their work and, of course, to know of first hand in what new projects they were embarked. Again, the promotional material given to the Úbeda Conference attendants served as a way to know more about these composers, thanks to the donated pieces for the DVD (What? Haven't you still listened to them? And what are you waiting for? Gosh...).

Not only this, since both had the gentility to give us on of their last copies of the promotional CD where they gathered a wonderful sample of his work and that will be the one that we are reviewing next. Yes, already I know what you will think, that probably this review will be everything but objective. But anyway, if we are being subjective, better to be it for the good thing that for the bad thing, yes?

Under the title of “Cop Wars”, the CD gathers not only a selection of subjects for the mentioned series, but in addition material from other joint works like “Old Cases” and “Schedule of Destinies”, also of this same year 2006, as well as from the miniseries “Other's Duty” (2005) and from the shortfilm “Like in an Old Crime Story” (2004), being this one its first work together, in fact, the professional debut of Pavel as director and composer, and of Maxim as orchestrator and conductor (this is why they profess it therefore a special affection). Most of the music corresponds to Pavel, being reduced the work of Maxim to those of arranger and orchestra conductor (and that is not trivial), although we also found samples of the talent of the second in the three last tracks of the compact, belonging to “Schedule of Destinies”. It must be emphasized the fact of the short length of the tracks, due to the almost totality of music being destined to the television.

DVD coverFirst eight tracks correspond to the “Cop Wars” series, and making honor to its title, they already display a dynamic merry-go-round of action music from the “Main Themes”. The only allowed moment of rest is in track 6, very well entitled as “Rare Moment of Tenderness”, and of course, in the “Love Theme”, which jazzistic approach remembers to part of the work included in the CD, like “Old Cases” and “Like in an Old Crime Story”, that we will comment shortly. In spite of the use of synthetizers at certain moments (e.g., in the closing track of this first part, “Railway Station Finale”), the preference of the composers by “the more real” sound of an orchestra is clear, as they themselves commented to us, whenever it is possible (when not working under budget restrictions).

Maxim Koshevarov and Pavel Malkov during the score recording“Old Cases” is another one of the last projects of this pair of composers, and the music gets us immersed in a history of intrigues and crimes, as it is deduced of the elegant use of saxo in the main theme (track 9). “Lost Wife” and “Buried Secrets” are the other two tracks, also characterized by the dark and mysterious tone in music, now with a starring piano.

The two following tracks correspond to “Other's Duty”, and here it is remarkable the peculiar predilection of our two friends for this type of thrillers, as the music maintains that so indebted tone of gangsters movies. Then, we find the three selected tracks from “Like in an Old Crime Story”. This one is a 4 hour miniseries film in which a young pair will play the roles of detectives when a crime is committed. The resolution of the story will imply the intimation between the characters as described by the animated sound track. In spite of being their first work, in spite of being influenced by Thomas Newman in the result, it can be seen how both composers are pointing ways. And it is at least peculiar the similarity between the main theme and the one from the recent “Corpse Bride”, even when there is a period of 2 years between both works and a very low probability that Danny Elfman had access to this piece. That's life...

Finally, we have the three tracks of Maxim Koshevarov for “Schedule of Destinies”, a production also from 2006. The main theme already is an pleasant surprise, a duel between piano and violin. The following track, as indicated by its own name, is based almost exclusively on the use of duduk. And, at the end, we return to the main theme, now accompanied by the full orchestra.

As it has been said, the Conferences of Úbeda have served to create great bows of friendship not only between the fans, but also with the composers, including both consecrated and nascent with a great potential ahead. This last one usually is in addition the case in that composers/fans arrange not only the taste by film music but also the ability to create it. I am really proud to count between my friends, among others, Pavel Malkov and Maxim Koshevarov. As an introduction card, “Cop Wars” is an excellent sample of the work of these two young composers. As for me, all the best for them, I hope than their visit to Úbeda has served them to meet a large amount as fans and professionals. We are waiting to recieve early news of Pavel and Maxim.

The best: To see how young film music talents appear, wherever they are.

The worst: Small jewels as this one can be only discovered thus, of pure chance. How many more things are waiting for us out there...?

The highlight: The strenght trasmitted by “Cop Wars” score, fantastically condensed in the first track, “Cop Wars - Main Theme”.

Bac Hylon

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